Why You Should Choose RAV4 Prime Over RAV4 Hybrid

So, you decided to get a Toyota RAV4. You made the right choice. Now you need to figure out if you want the regular, hybrid, or Prime. Now logically you might want to get the prime in these economic conditions. However, for those who may be stuck between hybrid and Prime, you may need a little persuasion.

Luckily, Canadian auto news house RPM’s Luc-Olivier Chamberland has the solution for you. Let’s say you like the Prime for its economic benefits plus its extra horsepower, yet you also like the hybrid for its affordable price. Well, Chamberland has the right solution for you. They recently wrote an article answering a question to an owner’s inquiry.


The owner said, “my father is in the market to get a new RAV4 and he wants to know whether he should opt for the Hybrid or the Prime.” Chamberland responded with a few pointers to help you cement the fact that the Prime is a better buy.

He started by saying that the Hybrid is mainly better in saving fuel with targeting the least fuel sipping activities such as starting your car, accelerating from 0, and roaming under 10mph. These “activities” are the most fuel consuming movements your car can endure. The Hybrid eliminates that by using the electric motor for those applications.

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However, with the Prime, it’s more of a help me help you situation. You can drive pure EV for around 60 miles in the Prime and not use a single drop of gas. On the highway, you can average almost 90mph with combined because it uses less fuel than a regular ICE or even a hybrid.

Chamberland concluded by adding that the Prime may be more expensive but in the long run, it can come back by saving money on fueling. This means that if you buy a RAV4 Prime and intend to keep it for the long run, then you’ll end up gaining that money back of the difference in price between the Prime and Hybrid by simply saving on gas.

In my opinion I side with Chamberland. I think that the Prime is a way better buy and if money was not an issue, I would personally go for the Prime XSE which is the top trim. Now it may be different for Canadians because EVs do not do that well in the cold, but I think that if you can manage how you drive and with what modes, you’ll be just fine.