What Muscle Car Does Billy Hargrove Drive in ‘Stranger

Billy Hargrove is one of the most distinct characters to join the cast of Stranger Things for the TV show’s second season. Hailing from sunny California, the high school heartthrob blasts into little Hawkins Indiana, leaving a trail of enemies and broken hearts in his wake. One distinct aspect of the character is the second-generation Camaro he drives around town. The actual year and trim of Billy’s car is confusing because the crew used at least two cars in filming. One of the Chevy muscle cars featured in Stranger Things may have even appeared on screen before.

What muscle car does Billy Hargrove drive in ‘Stranger Things?’

In the Stranger Things TV show, Billy Hargrove drives a second-generation Chevrolet Camaro. The filmmakers seemed to be depicting a 1979 model with the Z28 package. That said, the actual cars used in filming were much more complex.