This Classic Dodge Challenger Concept Render Is Way Better

The stylish widebody, racing tires, and an awesome rear redesign make this one of the best renders by artist Rostislav Prokop.

A lot of us can perhaps admit to being fans of the Dodge Challenger. It is a classic muscle car that continues to this day, offering muscular style and performance for a reasonable price.

While some prefer the latest iterations of the Dodge muscle car, others can’t get enough of the classic style and lines of the older first-generation cars from the 70s.

Luckily, Rostislav Prokop and their Instagram page are here to help with the first-generation Challenger and a twist to bring it up to date with the hopes of marrying timeless muscle car design with modern accessories and big power.

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The Dodge Challenger Restomod Concept Is A Mean Machine

First impressions are good for this computer render concept from the prolific digital artist Rostislav.

This dark gray first-generation Challenger is the result of the classic coke-bottle muscle car design after it goes through a complete modern makeover. This results in fusing the old details with a new widebody kit.

In addition to the body kit which drastically alters the original shape, the whole ensemble sits down low over its shiny rims all but touching the floor.

The stance suits the car and offers a hint to its supposed potential. With that in mind, it might need a little more clearance to actually drive around corners.

Great new additions are the front chin spoiler, LED lights up front and back with the standard design mostly carried over albeit in a high-powered, low-wattage format.

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We Want Dodge To Make This 70s Dodge Challenger Street Mod Concept

Up back, the best bit is how the rear lip spoiler and excellent vented rear window bring an aggressive, retro style to the car.

When you view the custom muscle car in its entirety, it has balance, poise, attitude, and just the right amount of retro and modern feel. From the heavily creased lines on the sides and skirts to the chunky rear, it exudes boldness.

We all know the first-generation Dodge Challenger could come with a small block from the factory but of course, the 7-liter HEMI V8 with the pistol grip shifter and 425 hp was the one to have.

Here, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon’s 6.2-liter, supercharged V8, and its 840 hp maximum horsepower would be even better, with a modern automatic gearbox capable of putting that power down to those rear Yokohama tires and burning some serious rubber.