The Lamborghini Aventador’s V-12

The Lamborghini Aventador’s V-12 Hybrid Successor

The Lamborghini Aventador’s V-12 Lamborghini’s next flagship model is right around the corner.

The Raging Bull’s CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, opened up about the company’s upcoming plans in a recent interview with ABC News. During the conversation, he confirmed that the Aventador’s successor will be the marque’s first hybrid and will debut in March of next year.

“The first hybrid car will be the follow to the Aventador, which will have a completely new V-12 engine and it will be a plug-in hybrid,” told the network’s news division. “We’re going to present the car at the end of the first quarter of next year.”

None of what Winkelmann said was unexpected, but it shows that the brand is serious about sticking to its $1.8 billion electrification roadmap, Cor Tauri. Last year, Lamborghini announced plans to begin electrifying its entire series-production lineup starting in 2023. Starting with the follow-up to the Aventador, which still does not have a name externally. Every one of the automaker’s new supercars and super SUVs will be a hybrid. The off-road-ready Huracán Sterrato, which will debut next month at Art Basel Miami, is expected to be the company’s final purely gas-powered model.

There are likely some enthusiasts already grumbling about the automaker’s embrace of electrification.

It sounds like plenty of people are happy to join Lamborghini for the ride, though. Although only a select number of people have been lucky enough to see Lamborghini’s next model. Winkelmann says the marque has already received nearly 3,000 reservations for the car. Considering the current demand for the automaker’s vehicles—the company is on pace to set another sales record this year. We expect that number will quickly balloon once the model is unveiled.

Lamborghini doesn’t plan to stop at hybridization, either. Winkelmann also discussed the brand’s first EV. The executive didn’t reveal anything new about the vehicle itself, but did say it will make its debut in 2028, at which point he expects the marque’s customer base will be ready to buy a fully battery-powered supercar. That’s The Lamborghini Aventador’s V-12.