Suzuki Thunder Modern Version

Suzuki Thunder Modern Version: Sleeker and Can Guzzle 14 Liters of Gas

Hello, dear readers! How are you doing? Today, let’s chat about a cool motorcycle that might bring back some memories, the Suzuki Thunder. Yup, the motorcycle with a super-sized gas tank that could be used as your secret weapon during the great gas shortage at gas stations. Be careful, though—don’t end up being the person caught hoarding gas, or you might become the star of my next article!

If you’ve ever felt nostalgic about the Suzuki Thunder, here’s some good news. Despite retiring from Indonesian roads in 2005, its modern version is still cruising the streets in some countries, one of them being in Latin America. It got me thinking—maybe people there appreciate classic motorcycle designs, or perhaps they just love a bike that can drink gas like there’s no tomorrow. Back in Indonesia, Suzuki Thunder made headlines because some folks playfully used it as a mobile gas reservoir. Quite an interesting chapter in its history, becoming a motorcycle suspected of being a “hiding place” for gasoline.

But, don’t picture the old Suzuki Thunder. Now, in certain countries, it has a cool younger sibling with a more modern and trendy design. How about that? The modern Thunder is now a star on the streets of Latin America. Can you imagine, that the Suzuki Thunder that used to be associated with gas hoarding is now a trendsetter in other countries?

Despite being sleek and modern, this newer Thunder remains faithful to its 125 cc engine capacity. So, if you ever thought, “Ah, it’s modern, it must have a big engine,” think again. Suzuki is sticking to a modest engine size that’s enough to conquer city streets without screaming for extra power.

For those curious about the price, let me spill the beans. The modern Thunder is priced at around IDR 31 million. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your ride, this might be an attractive option. The price is reasonable, ensuring you can still afford to fill up without stopping at every gas station you come across.

Another thing I love about the Suzuki Thunder is its gas tank that can “gulp” up to 14 liters. Imagine, you can go on a long road trip without worrying about stopping at gas stations too often. It’s amazing, right? No need to stress about running out of gas in the middle of your journey. Perhaps that’s one reason why this bike is a favorite in some countries, especially in Latin America. They must love the freedom of traveling without constantly thinking about gas.

Before I wrap up, I want to say, “Suzuki Thunder, you truly made history!” Once a sensation, now has a cool younger sibling that remains true to its classic spirit. I wish continued success in the international market, modern Suzuki Thunder! If you have any fun memories or funny stories with Suzuki Thunder, feel free to share them in the comments section. See you in the next article, friends!

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