Louis Introduces Super Affordable Saito 51L Top Case

Luggage options for our motorcycles are plentiful and configurable in countless ways. Personally, I prefer soft luggage mounted to my bike’s pillion seat, as I never really liked the look of a top case. Regardless, a top case certainly provides a lot more utility, and is ideal for those who use their bikes for commuting duties, and want the most practicality possible.

While top cases from the likes of GIVI or Touratech cen set you back hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, other manufacturers offer similar products for much less—without sacrificing quality. Such is the case with Louis, a European motorcycle gear and equipment maker with its own sub-brands dedicated to the budget-conscious rider.

Louis Introduces Super Affordable Saito 51L Top Case

Louis is a renowned distributor in Europe, offering well-known brands of motorcycle-specific gear and equipment. It has, however, created its own sub-brands in order to provide products at reduced pricing. When it comes to gear, the Louis Moto group has sub-brands such as Vanucci and Rekurv for clothes and Nishua for helmets. It also includes brands that specialize in motorcycle accessories, consumables, and technical components, such as Saito, which sells a variety of motorcycle parts and equipment.

Saito, in particular, dabbles in the luggage game with simplistic items sold at incredibly low prices. The company sells a black top case with a traditional design and a huge reflector on the rear. This top-case comes with two keys and has a storage capacity of 51 liters, which can hold up to two full-face motorcycle helmets. It comes with a universal support plate and mounting attachments, allowing it to be installed on racks and carriers.

Only sold in a solid black color option, the Saito top-case retails for 99.99 Euros, translating to around $107 USD, but currently benefits from a discount of 20 Euros. As such, it can be purchased for as low as 80 Euros, or around $86 USD—a fraction of the cost of its mainstream competitors. Do note, however, that prices may vary depending on where in the world you ship to.