Here Are Our Favorite Features Of The 2022 Subaru Forester

Life is becoming more mechanized and electric every single day. Nowadays, it seems we have an app or program to take care of every need. However, this phenomenon of technological pampering directly leads to an all-encompassing mindset of sloth. Due to the slow rise in the occurrence and fear thereof, many people feel the need to go outside and explore the physical world around them. Though online forums joke with phrases like “go outside, touch some grass;” it is a bigger problem than many like to admit. With it being so easy, and fun, to stay inside, people often miss out on the invaluable experience of nature.

This is perhaps a reason why many brands are beginning to release off-road packages for their 2022 SUV models. One such off-road package is the exhilarating Wilderness package for the 2022 Subaru Forester. With incredible performance specifications and a large capacity for comfort in the harshest of conditions, it seems the Forester Wilderness is the all-purpose car that adventurous consumers have been waiting on for years.

Every one of the models from the iconic Japanese brand deserves a detailed look as they hardly ever fail to impress; however, it is crucial to slow down and take things one at a time. Here is why every nature lover needs to consider the Subaru Forester Wilderness when picking out the SUV for their next adventure.

8 Drivetrain Power-Up

With an impressive 3000-lb towing capacity and a 9.3-inch ground clearance, there’s no terrain that the 2022 Forrester cannot handle. This kind of suspension can even measure up to some pick-up trucks currently sold on the market.

This, in conjunction with its 225/60 R17 99T all-terrain tires, makes the Forrester Wilderness a beast capable of any climb. However, if life is a bit too harsh on one of the signature tires of the vehicle, a full-sized spare comes stock in every single Forester Wilderness.

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7 Exalted X-Mode

The most important feature of an SUV that promises an excellent off-roading experience is the ability to switch between terrain types quickly and efficiently. The redesigned system allows the vehicle to quickly switch between drive modes such as snow, dirt, mud, etc.

At its core, the system works like a smart AWD with a limited-slip differential, diverting the appropriate amount of energy to certain tires as needed.

6 Matte Finished Hood

Though it may seem secondary, the blacked-out matte hood of the Forrester eliminates glare in adverse driving conditions. This can be crucial for a vehicle that will be accompanying drivers through treacherous, and sometimes dangerous, paths.

This is just one of the crucial features that make the WIlderness a must-have for fans who like to live life on the edge.

5 Sturdier Roof Rails

With an upgrade to the carrying capacity of its roof rails, the Forrester Wilderness enables consumers to take advantage of camping accessories including bicycle racks, or even a rooftop tent. In fact, the new and improved rails can carry approximately 200 pounds in motion and over 800 pounds while at rest.

Fortunately, this monstrous carrying capacity doesn’t come at any aesthetic sacrifice, as the roof rails are accented with pristine Anodized Copper pieces that perfectly fit into the visual style of the car.

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4 Water-Resistant Upholstery

If one decides to buy a Forrester Wilderness, they are surely ready for anything that life throws at them. With its easy-to-clean, water-resistant upholstery, the car keeps up with even the most adventurous of owners.

This kind of flexibility goes hand in hand with the copper accents on the inside of the car, which give it a slick appearance for any journey that the Forester Wilderness might get put through.

3 Optimized Cargo Space

With rear seats that fold completely down and a gate that’s wider than the standard models, the Forrester Wilderness allows owners to carry any sized load safely. The bay itself is also equipped for safety as the trunk’s controls allow drivers to set the opening height.

The essential LED cargo bay light ensures that drivers can keep track of all their equipment with its whopping 69 square feet of storage space. In summation, the cargo space is optimized to carry anything drivers need to any type of location, which is a must-have feature for any off-roading vehicle.

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2 Front-View Monitor

When traversing the treacherous terrain of the great outdoors, it is invaluable to see as much of one’s surroundings as possible. The front-view monitor of the Forrester Wilderness allows drivers to confidently trek any land.

With all of its incredible handling and comfort features, the Subaru Forester Wilderness deserves its badge as the best companion for off-roading.

1 Redesigned Eyesight Technology

Though seeing the adverse aspects of the environment for yourself is helpful, the automatic sensors and exterior detection systems of the Forrester are crucial to its off-roading capabilities. The car’s ever-present scanning technology ensures that drivers have the maximum amount of information about their surroundings in real-time.

These features go on to guarantee the Wilderness a place in the lineup of the greatest off-roading Subarus ever.