A Practical, Stylish Motorcycle Workbench

“Practical” is not a word that comes to mind often when thinking about motorcycles. For the most part, they’re just play-things built to go fast through corners, rack up highway miles or kick up a bunch of dirt. The Osa+ from Swedish electric motorcycle maker Cake doesn’t fit that traditional mold — which is part of what makes it so

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Here Are the Best Non-Amazon Prime Day Deals to Shop Now


Looking for more Prime Day deals? Head over to our Best Prime Day Deals page to see all the top savings of Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Prime Day is almost here, and that spells great news for all Prime members looking to save big. But what if you’re not a Prime member, you don’t like shopping on Amazon or

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Sponsored / Get Your Bike Adventure Ready with SW-Motech.us

Long before the first BMW GS hit the scene in the 1980s, many riders used their motorcycles as adventure bikes, taking them on road and off, traveling far and wide, and carrying everything but the kitchen sink. In World War II, scouts and messengers made do with canvas or leather bags mounted to the rear of the motorcycle, and that

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Best Motorcycle Insurance 2022: The Top Companies Compared

The best motorcycle insurance provides financial compensation for medical bills, property damage, and lost wages in case of a crash. Most states require riders to have insurance to protect themselves and other riders. Depending on your bike, location, and driving history, rates can vary dramatically depending on your insurance company.

If you recently purchased a new motorcycle or want to

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The Fucare Gemini X e-bike is one of the coolest looking

With so many electric bike options on the market these days, it can be difficult for companies to stand out and show us something different. You’ve got to start thinking outside of the box, which is exactly what the Fucare Gemini X does. It’s an electric bike with a trellis-style frame. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, but it

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Take Part In SW-Motech’s Motorcycle Festival This June

SW-Motech is planning something big this June. It’s no simple booth and display, but an entire festival dedicated to motorcycles.

From the brand that gives you high-quality motorcycle accessories and luggage, get ready to see a trade show like no other. It’s nice to know that buying a full set of bags or even a catalog selection of items for

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Solid Performance And Cafe Racer Style At A Serious Price

The more I think about e-bikes, the more I see them on the streets. Where I live in Santa Monica certainly seems like the perfect place to ride an e-bike for commuting, for exercise, and for fun, anyway. From community bike-sharing apps to high-end carbon-fiber road bikes with a bit of electric assist to help on big climbs, the market

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This Accessorized Ducati Streetfighter V4 S Will Make You

The Ducati Streetfighter V4 S is a ridiculous machine. Then again, with a 208-horsepower V4 and more electronics than a space shuttle, how could it not be? But thankfully, this is also one of the easiest hypernaked bikes to ride, with most of its space-time-warping acceleration happening near its sky-high 14,500-rpm redline.

That easy-to-ride nature is something I’ve only experienced

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