Worker Gives Enterprise Customer Car When She Reserved SUV

Update 6:30am CT, June 30: A Enterprise Rent-A-Car representative told the Daily Dot the TikToker “is no longer employed with Enterprise, and the TikTok videos were posted after he left the organization.”

“The behavior of the employee in this video in no way represents Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s standard of providing exemplary customer service,” the representative said. “When a customer reserves a

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“You Can’t Think. You Have To Act.” Man Risks Life To Pull

You never know when life will hand you an emergency and ask you to step up.

Justin Quesenberry of Elkhorn City, Kentucky was minding his own business in a rural neighborhood when the peaceful afternoon was shattered by a loud bang. Justin says he heard a car’s engine revving just before it exploded. He and his other neighbors went running

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The Era of Buying Top Sports Cars Cheaply Seems to Be Over

Henry N. Manney III, an automotive journalist best known for his extensive writing in Road & Track magazine, bought a Ferrari 250 GTO in the late 1960s. One of just 36 ever built, the car was Ferrari’s $18,000 top-of-the-line sports/racing car in 1962. When the cars first rolled off the line, Enzo Ferrari, the company founder, had to personally approve

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Local Business Owner Restoring Classic Red Sox Car

Red Sox Nation truly stretches across the country, but at long last a custom-designed 1957 Metropolitan Nash “Red Sox car” has finally made it to New England, courtesy of Richard Berberian, owner of Elyse Jewelers in Reading. Now, he plans to restore the car and use it to raise money for local causes.

“I just thought it was something cool

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Why IndyCar’s ‘Female Team’ Skipped The Indy 500 For

If female IndyCar Series team owner Beth Paretta had made the decision with her heart instead of her business plan, Simona de Silvestro would have been competing in the 106th Indianapolis 500 on May 29.

Racers from around the world dream of competing in the world’s biggest

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This Is The Simplest Way To Hotwire A Car

It has happened to the best of us. Losing your car keys can easily be one of the most frustrating times of your life. You may have accidentally dropped them in the drain or anywhere at home or work, which is quite a common occurrence. You may have lost them in an attack or dropped them while escaping danger. No

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Anatomy Of A Clean Car | News, Sports, Jobs

Jaguar All-Electric Crossover SUV I-Pace is a Compelling

Despite hauling luggage for four, as well as the necessary food and beverage provisions, there was plenty of room for everyone, given the I-Pace’s flat interior floor and numerous bins and cubbies up front, ideal for safely storing the items we picked up from the local cannabis dispensary until they could be consumed safely, far from the car. A fully

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