Searching for reasons behind Colorado’s spike in car thefts

When Denver police arrested Illya Culpepper on April 22 last year in front of the Belcaro Motel on Colorado Boulevard, after growing suspicious of the Chevrolet Suburban he was driving, it was a bit of fortuitous timing. Only nine minutes had passed since the car’s owner had reported it stolen.

Officers would learn Culpepper had stolen the vehicle hours earlier

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NYC driver runs over man before he is robbed by car’s

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Three people are being hunted by police after a man was deliberately knocked down and mugged.

Footage shows the man jogging across the street in the Bronx, New York, at around 6.40am on Sunday.

As he did so, the car cut a

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Safety concerns persist at National Steel Car’s Hamilton,

Do you work at National Steel Car? Contact us to let us know about conditions in the plant and help build a rank-and-file committee.


The approximately 1,200 workers at the National Steel Car plant in Hamilton, Ontario are still reeling in the aftermath of the death of a co-worker in early June. Quoc Le, a 51-year-old welder, was crushed

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The First Rolls Royce EV Comes With Futuristic Suspension

A photo of a camouflage Rolls Royce Spectre driving on a highway.

The Rolls Royce Spectre is the firm’s first EV.
Photo: Rolls Royce

Like every other car maker, Rolls-Royce is going electric. By 2030, the firm says it’ll be a fully electric car maker, and is now preparing to launch its first EV. Coming next year, the Spectre is now undergoing an impressive array of tests to put the

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The short happy life of Car Thing, what’s next for Spotify?

Spotify Car Thing
Spotify Car Thing
Source: Pocketnow, Spotify

Spotify introduced Car Thing to the world earlier in February. It launched at an $89.99 price tag in the US, and it promised to provide more control and freedom than using your smartphone while driving. The idea was good; it was fairly inexpensive, yet it failed to take off, and it’s now getting discontinued.

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Students Build a Car That Removes Carbon From the Air as It

Image for article titled Students Build a Car That Removes Carbon From the Air as It Drives

Every few years, students at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands develop some kind of amazing technology for cars. This year, the students didn’t want to just go green; in the words of Ruby Rhod, they wanted to go super green. They came up with the Zem, an EV that actually captures carbon as it travels.

The Zem

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Car 101: Things that are ruining your car’s battery life

That tick-tick-tick of a dead battery is the last thing anyone wants to hear when they’re late.


That tick-tick-tick of a dead battery is the last thing anyone wants to hear when they’re late.

A flat car battery is a quick way to ruin your day, and winter introduces more ways for your battery to drain.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your vehicle’s battery health.

Cold weather


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How many miles should a used car have?

(iSeeCars) – When it comes to car buying, you want your new-to-you used car to give you thousands or tens of thousands of miles of trouble-free transportation. And common sense seems to suggest that the fewer miles a used car has, the longer it will faithfully serve you. But with used car prices at record highs, a higher mileage car

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