Toyota Crown

2023 Toyota Crown: Unveiling the Power Within

When the 2023 Toyota Crown steps into the limelight, it brings with it a dynamic duo of powertrains that promise to redefine the driving experience. One of these powertrains is bound to set hearts racing—a powerhouse known as the “Hybrid Max.” But before we delve into this thrilling revelation, let’s explore the heart of most versions of the Crown: the latest iteration of Toyota’s hybrid powertrain, the Toyota Hybrid System (THS).

A Glimpse into Toyota’s Hybrid Evolution

Toyota has been at the forefront of hybrid technology for years, and the 2023 Crown is a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence. The THS in most Crown versions combines a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with two electric motors, orchestrated by an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT). Complementing this power duo is a newly developed nickel-metal hydride battery, setting the stage for a remarkable fusion of performance and efficiency.

All-Wheel Drive, Elevated

In the 2023 Crown, the XLE and Limited trims introduce us to the world of all-wheel drive through the E-Four AWD system. In typical driving scenarios, this system channels 100 percent of the available power to the front wheels, ensuring efficient and steady cruising. However, when the terrain demands it, the E-Four AWD system can swiftly redistribute power, sending up to 80 percent of the current drive torque to the rear wheels. As a result, Toyota anticipates that this powertrain will impressively achieve 38 mpg combined in EPA testing.

Unveiling the Crown Jewel: The Hybrid Max Powertrain

Now, let’s turn our attention to the crown jewel of the 2023 Toyota Crown lineup—the Hybrid Max powertrain. Reserved exclusively for the top-level Platinum trim, this powertrain is engineered to deliver sheer exhilaration. At its core, it boasts a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, harmoniously intertwined with an electric drive. This formidable union is complemented by a six-speed automatic transmission, orchestrating two electric motors with precision.

Performance Meets Efficiency

The Hybrid Max powertrain is a symphony of power and performance, producing a remarkable 340 net horsepower. It is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to delivering both efficiency and an engaging driving experience. When it comes to fuel economy, Toyota estimates that the Hybrid Max will achieve a combined 28 mpg in EPA testing.

Dynamic Power Distribution

What truly sets the Hybrid Max apart is its unrelenting dedication to all-wheel drive. This performance-oriented powertrain guarantees that power is always delivered to all four wheels. Its flexibility shines through as it seamlessly adjusts the power distribution. At times, it may allocate 70 percent to the front wheels and 30 percent to the rear. In other situations, it may opt for a more aggressive split, with 80 percent of the power channeled to the rear wheels.

Customize Your Drive

The Hybrid Max introduces a world of possibilities with its six selectable drive modes. While Normal, Eco, and Sport modes are present, the Max adds an exhilarating Sport+ mode that elevates steering and cornering response. For those seeking a cocoon of comfort, the Comfort mode is tailor-made to emphasize passenger well-being. And for the ultimate in personalized driving, the Custom mode allows drivers to cherry-pick their preferred elements from various modes.

A Suspension that Adapts to You

In the quest for a harmonious driving experience, the Platinum trim of the 2023 Toyota Crown is equipped with an adaptive suspension. This feature promises to adjust to your driving style and road conditions, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride at all times.

A Glimpse into the Future

As we eagerly anticipate the 2023 Toyota Crown’s arrival, it’s worth noting that the information available doesn’t hint at a plug-in hybrid version or a fully electric model. Unlike some of its Lexus counterparts, the Crown seems to stay true to its hybrid roots, providing a balance of efficiency and power that defines Toyota’s commitment to a sustainable yet thrilling automotive future.

As the 2023 Toyota Crown prepares to make its debut, it beckons us into a world where power, performance, and innovation converge. While its hybrid powertrains promise impressive efficiency, the Hybrid Max stands as a testament to Toyota’s unwavering dedication to the thrill of the drive. With its adaptive suspension, customizable drive modes, and dynamic power distribution, the Crown assures us that the road ahead will be nothing short of exhilarating.