Month: August 2022

Searching for reasons behind Colorado’s spike in car thefts

When Denver police arrested Illya Culpepper on April 22 last year in front of the Belcaro Motel on Colorado Boulevard, after growing suspicious of the Chevrolet Suburban he was driving, it was a bit of fortuitous timing. Only nine minutes had passed since the car’s owner had reported it stolen.

Officers would learn Culpepper had stolen the vehicle hours earlier

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Navigating the Roads: Toyota RAV4, Hybrid, or Prime?

In the realm of versatile and dependable SUVs, the Toyota RAV4 stands out as a popular choice. Offering an array of options, including the standard model, the hybrid variant, and the impressive Prime edition, Toyota caters to a diverse range of drivers. While economic considerations might steer you toward Prime in today’s eco-conscious climate, making the choice between the hybrid … Read More

NYC driver runs over man before he is robbed by car’s

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Three people are being hunted by police after a man was deliberately knocked down and mugged.

Footage shows the man jogging across the street in the Bronx, New York, at around 6.40am on Sunday.

As he did so, the car cut a

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Ferrari 296 GT3: A Symphony of Speed Born on the Racetrack

In the illustrious world of motorsport, where speed is king and innovation reigns supreme, Ferrari has once again etched its name into the annals of racing history with the unveiling of the formidable 296 GT3. This thoroughbred racer, showcased amidst the electric atmosphere of the Spa-Francorchamps paddock in Belgium, heralds a new era of track dominance for the Prancing Horse.… Read More

The Biker Fashion Trend Of Fall 2022 Breaths New Life Into

There’s a new aesthetic skidding into focus for fall: Acquaint yourself with 2022’s biker fashion trend. Composed of beat-up leather goods and a dangerous, tough-girl attitude, the style merges force with femininity. It’s Rihanna in Vogue, pregnant and nude save for moto-motif gloves and a bumblebee-yellow racing jacket. It’s Rosalía naming her third studio album Motomami, a term

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Safety concerns persist at National Steel Car’s Hamilton,

Do you work at National Steel Car? Contact us to let us know about conditions in the plant and help build a rank-and-file committee.


The approximately 1,200 workers at the National Steel Car plant in Hamilton, Ontario are still reeling in the aftermath of the death of a co-worker in early June. Quoc Le, a 51-year-old welder, was crushed

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Acoustic Automobile Styling in the Age of Electric Vehicles

In a world where the automotive landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, one aspect often overlooked is the soundscape of our cities. With the rise of electric vehicles (E.V.s), the familiar roar of internal combustion engines has given way to a more subdued hum. While these quieter streets are undoubtedly a boon, they present new challenges in ensuring pedestrian safety … Read More