10 Things We Love About The Honda Fury

The Honda Fury is among Honda’s most authentic and radically styled motorcycles. It has been in production since 2010, and Honda hasn’t made any significant changes to the cruiser. The Fury is a stylish cruiser that always stands out, especially in the bright factory colors.

For the 2022 model, Honda added a lovely pearl Yellow paint and ABS as a standard option. Besides that, there are no other technical changes. The Fury allows riders to stand out without breaking the bank. Riders can get the new model for $11,449, making it the best option in its category.

10 Easy To Customize

From the factory, Honda Fury owners have many accessories to consider. These include a windscreen for riders who do a lot of highway rides, a billet clutch cover, a billet timing cover, chrome Allen bolt inserts, custom grips, a passenger backrest pad, and a low sissy bar upright.

All these factory accessories help the rider customize their cruiser to their liking. Besides, these accessories are reasonably priced, allowing riders to pick what they would love on their bike. Riders who want more custom options can turn into the aftermarket scene for more customization components.

9 Low Seat Height

The Honda Fury features a super low seat height that works with the design element. The 26.9-inch seat height fits behind the slim and long fuel tank, improving the cruiser’s aesthetics. It works perfectly with the Fury’s long rake, helping the rider fit comfortably on the bike.

The low seat height makes it easier for riders to control or maneuver this slightly heavy cruiser. When coming to stops, riders can easily rest their feet on the ground. This improves the riding dynamics of the Fury, making it a good solution for most cruiser lovers.

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8 Shaft Final Drive

The shaft drive is uniquely integrated into the final design to make the Fury drive look better. This system helps lower the running costs and maintenance of the Fury. It also helps with the cleanliness of the bike since riders won’t end up with lubricant on the rear tire or swingarm.

The shaft drive system also offers a quiet drive compared to belts and chains. Therefore, riders can enjoy the sound of the engine. The system allows Fury riders to ride through any weather conditions unaffected.

7 High Tensile Steel Frame

The open high tensile steel frame is the centerpiece of Honda’s Fury. It helps offer minimalist chopper styling while adding a bit of functionality. The frame helps deliver a smooth quality ride and responsive handling. That’s thanks to the engine placement and the cruiser’s long rake.

Its raked-out front end with a slim 21-inch front tire helps the Fury have a comfortable ride while making it an outstanding canvas that’s 71.2 inches long. All these components work together to offer the Fury a lovely and distinctive cruiser look.

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6 Minimal And Tactile Controls

To help the rider focus on the road, Honda equipped the Fury with a minimalistic feel, especially with the controls. There are no custom riding modes on the Fury. This eliminates the need to fiddle with the controls while riding.

Additionally, all buttons and controls on the Fury are tactile, thus giving satisfying feedback. This enables the rider to be engaged with riding, especially when shifting up and down the five gears. The Fury also has an adjustable clutch lever for additional comfort on the rider’s fingers.

5 Deep Exhaust Note

The V twin engine on the Fury helps produce low-end torque and a lovely V twin sound. Honda specially designed the camshafts to help provide a great V twin tune on the Fury. This helps deliver a deep tone that allows the Fury to stand out on the road.

If the sound isn’t enough, riders have plenty of aftermarket solutions for the Fury. Most reliable options offer a decent sound while still being road legal. Riders can also opt for black aftermarket exhausts to add some menacing looks to the Fury.

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4 Pleasant Color Options

Over the years, Honda has only offered one color scheme per year. For the 2020 model, Honda opted for a lovely Pearl Hawkeye Blue. Having been in production for two years, it was time for Honda to change the color again, with the 2022 model getting the stunning Pearl Yellow.

The color looks great in the sunshine, primarily because of the pearl flakes. Additionally, it fits in with the theme of a cruiser motorcycle by helping the rider always stand out. Besides, yellow is a high-visibility color that grabs attention without letting go.

3 Adjustable Rear Suspension

Honda has fitted the Fury with an extended 45 mm telescopic suspension at the front. This is non-adjustable, but it offers 4 inches of travel. At the rear, riders can enjoy enhanced comfort with the single shock and aluminum swingarm that provides 3.7 inches of travel.

The rear shock is adjustable, giving the rider five-position spring preload adjustability and adjustable rebound damping. The spring preload adjustability enables the rider to adjust the sag or the stiffness of the spring. This also helps prevent the shock from bottoming out under acceleration and over bumps.

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2 Strong Heartbeat

Unlike other Honda products, the Fury features a glorious 1,312-cc 52-degree V-twin engine. The engine produces a manageable 53.7 hp and 73 lb-ft of torque. Honda also uses a single-pin crankshaft and dual balancers to help offer plenty of low-end torque.

This helps the V twin deliver its expected performance and sound. Honda also uses fuel injection to help offer reliable performance. This eliminates the need to fiddle with a choke, thus offering no hassle to startups at high altitudes or on chilly mornings.

1 Chopper Styling

The Fury is Honda’s take on the chopper styling. This radically styled motorcycle is authentic and features many custom styling cues to help it stand out. The most standout feature includes the teardrop seamless fuel tank covered in Honda’s pearly yellow color.

The Fury also features an ingenious adjustable rear suspension system to help handle uneven roads. Another beautiful aspect of the Honda Fury is the aluminum swingarm that holds the shaft drive system and the fat 200 series rear tire.